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May 4, 2011
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EDIT: Most sequences and scenes were fixed to make it the most smooth possible. So if you see any minimal or major mistake I have done, comment to me, okay? I'll fix it.
Also, the full version will be 500x350 and with a new sky for the battle (as you currently see). And lucky that for the full part you'll see I improved with Swift 3D scenes and I can go even further with my skills if I want to. I will never say no to this, the animation will be surely finished at 100% sooner or later. :nod:
SECOND EDIT: You can now click on the message, press SPACEBAR, or ENTER to continue without pressing any other key. Music was added as well.

Also, if you are unable to see it, here's the original:

Finally, it's here the preview 2! :phew: After a very long wait, I decided to show to all of you this preview about the battle animation. =)

But for being honest, I'll need your help guys, since I don't have the mp3 Khz changer program anymore and I had planned to add music on this preview, but I failed, and the worst part is that the original song couldn't be imported into Flash (I was going to use the "X vs Zero song from Megaman X5", but the Flash didn't allow it to import into it...). Can you tell me a program that changes the Khz from a mp3 file?

Here's the song I failed to import:

I worked on this one especially for you guys, and especially for *kimeria87:iconkimeria87:, and ~Peach-X-Yoshi:iconpeach-x-yoshi:, since these girls like princess Peach as most of us. =) I worked on some complex scenes, but when I tried to import the music converted into Wav., it made the Flash sound sequences fail and ruin the fun from it... :B

So I decided to don't place music until I could be able to make scenes without damaging the frame speed between the background and the sounds. Well, in this preview FIXED today in 2012, I DID finally add the music, and is different this time. =)

People expect TOO MUCH on Sonic the Hedgehog :no:, so if you expected I was going to place Sonic, you are wrong. :I But there's another surprise I added on that preview, but for some GTS-fans you'll notice why I placed the GTS cathegory? Well, I decided to make 2 girls bigger while the mains are still with their "Fire and Ice" powerups. =)

Well, I dunno if this is the first time our fighting style is fused with VGGTS and Anime GTS content on this Flash animation... ^^; But yeah, I hope you enjoy and thanks for waiting! (=

M&L Mario sprites: A.J. Nitro, CyberWolfJV (~TheGuy07), ~JumpmanDA, Nintendosega, Alvin-Earthworm
MPA Peach sprites: Hans-460
Zatch and Kiyo sprites: Silver (or Silverbolt), Grim, Soulcatcrf, and dimps
Tia and Megumi sprites: Mr. Kupo, Skell, and dimps
Ice Mario and Fire Zatch recolors and some edits: me (~ZatchHunter)
MFGG and TSR people have also credit by ripping the backgrounds and sprite effects I used

Finalmente, está aquí el preview 2! :phew: Después de una espera muy larga, decidí mostrarles a todos ustedes este preview acerca de la animación de batalla. =)

Pero para ser honesto, necesitaré su ayuda muchachos, desde que ya no tengo el programa que cambia los Khz en un archivo mp3 y había planeado agregar música en éste preview, pero fallé, y la peor parte es que la canción original no podía ser importada en Flash (yo iba a usar la "canción de X vs Zero de Megaman X5", pero el Flash no me permitió importarla...). Me pueden decirme un programa que cambia los Khz de un archivo mp3?

Aquí está la canción que fallé de importar:

Yo trabajé en éste especialmente para ustedes muchachos, y especialmete para *kimeria87:iconkimeria87:, y ~Peach-X-Yoshi:iconpeach-x-yoshi:, desde que esas muchachas le gusta la princesa Peach como muchos de nosotros. =) Trabajé en algunas escenas complejas, pero cuando intenté importar la música convertida en Wav., hizo que las secuencias de sonido del Flash fallaran y arruinaran la diversión que había en él... :B

Así que decidí no poner música hasta que pudiera ser capáz de hacer escenas sin dañar la velocidad de los fotogramas entre el fondo y los sonidos

La gente espera MUCHO en Sonic The Hedgehog :no:, asi que si esperaron que iba a poner a Sonic, estan equivocados. :I Pero hay otra sorpresa que agregué en ese preview, pero para algunos fans de GTS notarán porqué yo lo puse en la categoría de GTS? Bueno, decidí hacer a las 2 chicas más grandes mientras los principales están todavía con sus powerups de "Fuego e Hielo". =)

Bueno, no sé si ésta es la primera vez que mi estilo de pelea se fusiona con contenido VGGTS y Anime GTS en esta animación Flash... ^^; Pero sí, espero que disfruten y gracias por esperar! (=
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UlterButterMario Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Student General Artist
This is nice. Question: Is there a final? Or is it just previews? Not criticizing. Just curious.
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You deserve a watch :)
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Do you do requests?
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I don't do requests, sorry, I only do comissions, but it can vary depending on my mood.
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What is the music used?
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This is the best animation I've seen!:D
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the end is lol XD
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Really epic and cool. I don't really know that much about Zatch Bell but it was still very cool to watch
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